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Martha MacCallum who is an American news reporter was born in January 31, 1964 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Her mother name is Elizabeth B. MacCallum and her father name is Douglas C. MacCallum Jr.  Her both parent were teachers. She is currently associated with fox news channel (FNC) based in New York office since 2004.

She graduated from Ramapo high school. She did her bachelor degree in political science from St. Lawrence University. She also attended the circle in the square theater school. She is the founder of a theater in New York which is called Miranda theater. She was also employed at Dow Jones and company. She stepped into the news world through a corporate finance magazine as a reporter. She used to work in wall street journal television from 1991 to 1996 as a business reporter, she had hosted shows like the wall street journal report, business USA and worlds market outlook.

Later in 1997 MacCallum joined NBC where she worked in several positions. She co-anchored the show morning call along with Ted David and solo anchored the checkpoint, an evening news show which focused on the war in Iraq. She is also the creator of inside business a series program of business center. She was in NBC till 2003. During her time in FNC she had covered both national and international news which were about hurricane Katrina, the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the presidential election 2004 which includes the republican national convention which was in New York and the democratic national convention in Boston. She is also known for her exclusive interview with the first lady Laura Bush which was rare because the first lady was not interviewed by any reporter at that moment. Her recent coverage was the royal wedding which was broadcasted live from Buckingham Palace and she co-hosted it. She was previously co-hosting the live desk, a news show and now currently she is the co-anchor in America’s newsroom with Bill Hemmer.

Martha MacCallum is married to Daniel john Gregory. They married in august 22, 1992. She and her husband have two sons and a daughter. Their family current address is Ridgewood, New Jersey. There are rumors about their divorce and Martha MacCallum having a boyfriend but she has not accepted them yet officially.

she is seen as a guest frequently in the fox News’s red eye w/Greg Gutfeld a late night program and Bill O’Relly’s the O’Reilly factor. Martha MacCallum annual salary is $700 thousand.Many FNC viewers are amazed by her legs and feet along with her hair. Martha’s social networking address such as twitter and facebook, her bio, photos and images can be obtained from wiki and other websites.

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I enjoy and watch Fox New daily. My favorite is Martha. Martha is professional, speaks well and always upbeat also very pretty.

BKGG1 25 Mar, 2014

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